Export of education - globalization and problems of education

-         General preparation. Measures against decrease of quality in education, reduced regional disparity, adequate education of handicapped, right of everybody to enroll in high education.

-         Skills for Europe. Good primary education, adjusting education to cultural, technical progress, adjusting education to economic, technological, social and cultural development. Development of all fields of education, especially expert and high education. Innovating content and methods according to changes in technology. Primary education of teachers and their further training.

-         Openness of Europe towards the world. Strengthening bonds with other countries; cooperation with international organizations, new ways in supporting countries in development.

Within the frames of educational politics this means guarantied chance for everybody to express his/her potentialities and to become a responsible citizen who may help building stronger society and democracy.

Introducing strategic documents, that caused many different changes, reforms, specializations, modernizations on some levels and segments of universal strategy in education. These processes differed in time, scope and quality, depending on structure of education systems and specific needs of every country in EU.


Innovation the goals in education

Defining or innovating the goals in education started at the beginning of 90’s and is finished in most of European countries. Goals of education were innovated in France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovenia etc. Speed and span of changes differ from country to country and are directly conditioned with uniqueness of education system. However, common thing in defining the goals is that these new or redefined goals include development of personality of a student, his/her preparation for multicultural society and appreciation of values such as tolerance, peace, religious, national and other differences. Goals of middle education are supplement with preparation for work.

In countries of EU goals received special importance in preparation future integrated Europe. Defining the goals in education presents, according to European experts, the basic element in connecting European countries and preparing students for life in Europe under new conditions.

We hope that our country will soon be able to respond on these huge challenges in education. In this way Serbia will successful answer all the goals that present a motto of its work. We, as a young educated generation, have to invest maximum effort to help our country to find its place on the scene of leading world powers.

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