Export of education - globalization and problems of education

a)      After the Second World War the reform of education was based on science, in democratic manner, respecting world’s and national achievements in education However, the reform of education in period 1995-2005 was worse and it aggravated the situation.

b)      In socialism educational plans and programs were based on the results of civilization, personal needs and social interest, but in transition these pedagogic documents were subordinated to interests of future European Union, whose members are active in making conception and system of education in our country. They usually impose conservative and commercial instead pedagogic solutions and in such a way they deprive teachers to take part in the reforms.

c)      In the first decade of socialism democracy of education was based on the best postulates of civilization and history of pedagogy. In time of transition, reconstruction economy and other activities, notion “democratization” was used as a base for intensive imposing of centralization and bureaucracy in education. Teachers lost their freedom to fulfill their teaching obligations in the spirit of their profession.

d)      In socialism free education and fight against illiteracy was brought up to the highest level despite great economic difficulties.oHoHoweverH However, in contemporary “new capitalism”, free education is lost and removed in different ways: tuition is very high and senseless; there are many ways how to get money from parents for covering different expenses; there is an expansion of uncontrolled private education; due to poverty many families cannot afford education to their children.

e)      In socialism objects and equipment in schools were not on a level appropriate to modern educational process, but the state and other factors strived to provide optimal conditions for good education of young generation. Today situation is somewhere even worse than half a century ago; capitalism is renewed according to desires of world’s and European centers of political and military power.

f)       In the first decade of socialism an organized action of literacy was carried out, so the number of illiterate citizens decreased. Today we have a trend that seems to have trends of anti-civilization: the number of illiterate people constantly increases.

g)      In socialism there was no private education, but in this decade of ruining previous educational system (praised by Europe and UNECSCO), in building of barbarian and liberal capitalism there is a chaotic, uncontrolled expansion of private schools that fulfill political goals of the elite and foreign capital, but bring harm to national education system.

h)      In the decade after the Second World War social and material position of teachers was satisfactory, largely due to objective reasons, but society invested great efforts to solve this problem. However, in the last decade position of teaching stuff radically worsened. Generally, experts behind the pulpits are humiliated, education and its institutions are marginalized in strategy of developing the society and overcoming general crises. The consequence is that many teachers changed profession, so lack of teachers for certain subject reaches critical dimension.

i)        After the War, according to inheritance of civilization and the Constitution, the church was separated from the state, so religious education was not part of plans and programs. But after disintegration of SFRJ, through a decree and under regulation of the Government of Zoran Djindjic, religious education was introduced without pedagogic and didactic analyses. Besides fascistic pedagogy, introduced at the beginning of the Second World War, this was the biggest stroke to free-minded and human education.

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