The us government and its constitution

Americans feel that of all the freedoms proclaimed in the Constitution there is only one freedom – freedom of enterprise. But freedom of enterprise does not at all expand personal freedoms of all citizens. On the contrary, it limits them. If there is no freedom to work, no guaranteed labour, you face unemployment and poverty. The main freedoms after all a man needs are a life of security, a guaranteed income and guaranteed health care, rather than freedom of unemployment and poverty.
























Севрюгин Е. И., Антонов С. А.

The form of the state government is based on the Constitution. But American Constitution is not only a basic document. It is a part of the body of rules and customs, a very conservative document which was drawn up by members of a privileged class bent on preserving their position. Besides, it is the set of rules, laws, regulations which together provide the practical norms regulating the work of the government.
































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