Higher Education Law in Serbia (Bologna declaration)


Higher Education Law that came into power last year was designed to organize systems of higher education and conditions and ways of implementing higher education.

Goals of Higher Education Laws are science development, promoting art creativity, securing scientific, professional and artistic raising generation and giving individuals an equal opportunity to acquire higher education.

National Organization for higher education that secures quality of development and promotion of higher education was involved within this law to successfully reach desired goals.

National Organizations involvement is to oversee development of higher education in Serbia and compare to and balance it with European and international standards.

Modernized study program that is on the same level with European standard is also covered with this new law.

Higher education activity is realized through academic and structured studies on the basis of approved study programs for acquiring higher education.

Structured study program that is executed during academic studies, will enable students to use their practical and theoretical knowledge that they need for getting into a working process.


First degree studies are:

1. Basic structured studies

2. Basic academic studies

Second degree studies are:

1. Post graduate academic studies - Master degree

2. Structured studies specialization

3. Academic studies specialization

This study program will establish:

1. Study program name and goals

2. Type of studies and study process outcome

3. Professional, academic, i.e. scientific name

4. Conditions for applying for study program

5. Compulsory and personal choice study subjects, with general contents

6. Time frame and ways of executing certain studies

7. Point value for every subject that is in line with European system of carrying points over

8. Point value for final assignment at the end of basic specialization and post graduate academic studies, i.e. doctor dissertation shown in European system of carrying points over (ESPB)

9. Pre conditions for applying for certain subjects or a group of subjects

10. Ways of choosing subjects from other study programs

11. Conditions for transferring from other study programs within the same or similar studies

What was not covered with the old Higher Education law was that every subject from the study program will be shown by the number of ESPB point, and the whole study course will be the sum of ESPB points.

During applying and implementing European point system, higher education establishment will have to continuously monitor accomplished results at the exams and study load demonstrated by students, as well as acquiring student opinions about effective study load and overcoming study program contents.

New law will also see students as partners within higher education establishment to accomplish common interests and this will be done by forming the student council.

Student council is the board within higher education establishment and higher education unit that will provide guidance.

Number of members of the student council and ways of electing those members will be established by basic act of higher education establishment. Their goals will be rights and protection of student interests.

Student council chooses and dismisses student representatives within higher education establishment, i.e. higher education unit, as well as other establishments where student representation is present.




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