Problems with adjustment of new methods and Higher Education law principles with current situation in Serbia


Problems with adjustment of new methods and Higher Education law principles with current situation in Serbia


a) Individuals presenting conservatism in higher education establishments

Applying new Higher Education Law, as well as reconstructing higher schooling in Serbia will bring big changes in comparison with previous period. These changes are not equally accepted by individuals in higher education establishments.

Individuals from teaching staff (professors, assistants, professional assistants etc.) are showing rejections to new teaching plans and programs, and to modern ways of educating, sticking to conservative understanding of student - professor relationship.

Impassibility from some teaching staff makes students passive listeners. Modern methods will use interactive teachings that will give students more active role.


b) Lack of teaching staff in higher education establishments

Bad economic situation in Serbia is mostly responsible for the lack of teaching staff, which makes it impossible to hire new teaching staff that would improve the quality of education.

The biggest problem is immigration of young professionals to economically developed countries, where they have the opportunity to develop and prosper in their work, without having that opportunity here.

That brings us to a situation where we have on average one assistant to every fifty students, which brings to question the quality of education.


c) Lack of modern equipment and laboratory instruments for more efficient and better quality teachings

This is also the consequence of bad economic situation in Serbia. By using old equipment and technical methods, as well as small number of working units during the period of study program, will not enable modern methods to be brought in that will give students a satisfying level of quality education.


d) Evaluation and quality control of teaching

To better study program and teaching staff, students should be given a bigger role in evaluating the quality of teaching. Engaging students in this type of teaching staff “control” would help bring in modern methods and better quality of teaching, as well as improving their further education.


e) Corruption

Unfortunately, this type of criminality did not go around higher education and by being present harms the quality of education and motivation of teaching staff and students. Because of permanent controls of quality teaching by students and teaching staff, corrupted individuals are slowing down the process of reconstructing higher schooling.


f) Implementation of graduates into working environment

This problem is developed by applying bad teaching program that is mostly based on theory and academism and not enough on practical experience. Modern methods would bring science and practicality together so students would be ready and capable of effectively entering working environment after graduating.

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